Brammer Invend™

Brammer Invend™

A lean approach to managing MRO supply 

Invend™ is Brammer’s fully managed industrial vending service that helps reduce consumption of fast moving industrial products, lowering inventory costs and improve productivity.

Invend™ delivers exceptional cost savings by taking technology previously only utilised for consumer goods, and applying it to MRO product supply. Invend™ offers 24/7 availability of products and when stocks get low we restock automatically, enabling you to reduce purchase orders, costly rush orders and avoid unplanned downtime.  Machines are situated in convenient locations around the manufacturing facility – accessible at any time and configured to stock the items needed most commonly at each location. They use an internet connection to alert the Brammer Invend™ team to the need to visit and re-stock the vending point, as well as providing real time management information on usage by user and cost centre for the customer.

The benefits of using Invend™ at a glance:

  • Reduced product consumption: improved control & visibility over end user access to industrial consumables typically reduces spend by between 25 and 40%.
  • Lower inventory cost: you only pay for the items you use when you use them, removing the need for you to carry the cost of inventory.
  • Improved productivity: products are available when and where you need them – reducing wasted staff time associated with store visits. Automated replenishment reduces stock-outs and removes the need for your staff to restock.

How does it work?

It’s easy for you to start saving, with Invend™ we handle everything from installation to on-going restocking. All you need to get started is a power supply and an internet connection.

Prior to delivery and instillation we’ll help you to decide what products to stock and agree stocking levels before configuring the machine layout to your chosen products. We show you how to set up and manage users for your site, all you need to do is decide who can have access. After instillation we are alerted when products hit their reorder point and restock the machines, whilst you can view usage reports online.

All you do is switch it on, and start saving. What could be simpler? If you are interested in making use of Invend™ on your site then please click here to contact us.





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