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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Brammer takes Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability very seriously. We understand that our work carries potential environmental risks. The same is true of our suppliers and customers. Brammer is fully committed to lowering these risks. In addition, we strive to improve the well-being of our employees, consumers and the wider community in which we operate.

Every Brammer location signs up to an ethical code of practice, which governs our work with suppliers. We encourage training and development for all staff, and promote a clear “respect for people” agenda.

5 Ways Brammer Promotes Responsible Manufacturing

Brammer is proud to play an important role in promoting responsible manufacturing. We do this by driving efficiencies and energy savings across production activities. From greener transport to more environmentally friendly packaging, Brammer strives to meet its green commitments. We want all Brammer businesses to have national or EU environmental accreditation - and we are working hard to ensure this happens.

Across all our European locations, we also:

  1. Apply sound environmental principles to our work, and always consider the potential environmental impacts of our decisions and investments
  2. Fully comply with national and international legislative developments. (Brammer is ISO 14001 accredited)
  3. Engage in a number of workplace schemes to lower our carbon footprint. For example, we use energy saving equipment, and always put things on sleep/standby wherever possible
  4. Run various recycling, waste management, and energy reduction activities. For example, many Brammer locations pay “environmental product fees”. We strive to improve our handling of recycling and waste reduction. With a number of Brammer businesses using specialist recycling companies
  5. Encourage green transport policies. We use overnight deliveries wherever possible and work with suppliers to make mutual improvements. Plus we actively support the use of low-emission company cars, cycles, car sharing and public transport

This is only a selection of our environmentally-focused work across Europe. To find out more, please contact us today.

How we give Health & Safety top priority

Wherever we work in Europe, Health & Safety always gets top priority. Every Brammer location has robust Health & Safety systems and policies. We work hard to provide safe working environments for all our employees, customers and visitors.

Across Europe, we always try to:

  • Encourage best practice - and keep everyone updated on legislation through regular training
  • Closely monitor compliance everywhere - so we can understand injury statistics and trends across the group. This involves a formal reporting and review process
  • Improve our vehicle movement practices - to boost traffic flow and cut accidents. In one recent example, we successfully separated vehicle and people movements at our NDCs and on branch forecourts
  • Reduce road accidents - through our online driver assessments for employees with company cars
  • Prevent more accidents at work - through improved accident reporting, and regular Health & Safety audits